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Upgrade your marketing today

Increase Revenue With Facebook Ads

Whether you are talking about getting leads from search engines or social media, the opportunity to get conversions based on organic engagement are getting less
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Whether you are talking about getting leads from search engines or social media, the opportunity to get conversions based on organic engagement are getting less frequent. Companies like Facebook and Google are making it harder and harder to succeed without engaging in the “pay to play” model they have created.

Here are some of the top reasons that you should start using Facebook Advertising to boost your company’s revenue:

Using Facebook Ads to Boost Revenue

As Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest form of advertising available (significantly cheaper than print, radio, television and other forms of digital advertising), using Facebook’s advertising platform is one of the surest ways to boost your revenue. With the targeting options that the platform allows, you can reach a wide variety of people or just a select handful of people—whatever works best for your business.

Targeting Big Spenders or Select Niches with Facebook

You can target big spenders. You can target senior citizens. You can target NASCAR fans. You can target girls that are between the ages of 18-24, that live in a certain town, and like to watch a specific television show and have the iPhone 5.

When you set up your ads through the Facebook advertising platform, it gives you the ability to target based on behaviors, interests, demographics, age, location, language and sex. With this information, you have the ability to truly narrow in on your perfect audience.

While the whole world is at your fingertips, you only need a select few to convert.

Installing the Facebook Pixel 

In 2017, the key to long-term success is data. The more data the better. By installing the Facebook Pixel on your website you can gain access to all sorts of insight to help you make better business decisions that will help you boost your revenue.

Once you install the pixel to your site, Facebook will take data (either sales, lead forms or something anything you can imagine) to use it to optimize your bids for website conversions—it will literally make algorithmic decisions to show ads to people who are more likely to convert into sales for your business.

Remarketing for Your Site

Another way in which Facebook can use data from the pixel is that it can tell when someone has been to your website. If they see that the user made it to a certain product page or to the checkout page, they can serve that person an advertisement to try to get them back to your website to complete a sale or any other desired action.

Lookalike Audience Campaigns

One of the most exciting features of Facebook ads is that even if you don’t know your customer well enough to customize your ads with select targeting, the pixel will track your conversions and then track down more customers for you based on what is already working. After 100 completed conversions it will create what it calls a “Lookalike Audience” and based off this information, it will serve your ads to those that have traits and interests similar to the original 100 completed conversions.

You can also create your own Lookalike Campaign based off of your customer email list. If you have an email list of at least 100 email addresses, Facebook will take those and run those against the Facebook accounts associated with them and it will create a Lookalike Database based off of the people who have already made purchases on your site.

Using Data to Raise Revenue in 2017

There is no question about it. Facebook advertising is cheap—cheaper than almost any other form of advertising available, especially with the reach that it has. You won’t find another platform with the ability to hone in on specific targets as easily, on such a small budget. Furthermore, the new capabilities of the Facebook’s unique targeting and it’s Pixel are making conversions easier, more predictable and cheaper – making Facebook ads a great way to drastically increase revenue.

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