Upgrade your marketing today

Upgrade your marketing today

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Friendly Technologies

If you are a B2B tech company, and need more leads and to scale, then you should reach out to WadiDigital for all digital marketing services – for both lead generation and great customer service.

Liel Anisenko

Liel Anisenko

Director of Marketing

Friendly Technologies


I have the pleasure of working with Wadi for the optimization of our LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads. They have demonstrated great knowledge of the platforms and provided unique customer service and attention to detail.


Dani Wolf

Digital Marketing Manager


Viaccess Orca

Enterprises and start ups can rely on Wadi's knowledge and great attitude to increase leads and revenue using advanced digital marketing, and advertising techniques.

Headshot of Sarit Rosenthal-Aviram

Sarit Rosenthal-Aviram

Senior Director of Marketing Communications

Viaccess Orca

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We’re not afraid of ask hard questions like...

How do you get leads talking to sales?

Find out what content people are consuming before they request a demo and scale learnings about what’s working across your entire marketing funnel.

A superior process for stewarding leads down-funnel

Experts who know paid media inside out

Hire a team with extensive B2B experience. You work with a diverse group of senior professionals optimizing different strategies until we find the right mix for you, that we can scale.

Make the most of our client network

Wadi has worked with hundreds of companies across diverse industries. You benefit from our portfolio because we’re constantly integrating best practices from what’s working well for everyone.

Get inside your customer’s mind ​

Product and cycles vary. We work to understand your buyer’s mindset and determine what content to serve them, how often, and how to get them showing up to sales calls.​

Increase your pipeline velocity

We assess ICP research and look to see whether your intended audience is actually converting. We adapt your profile based on data from your competitors to remarket and bring leads down the funnel.

Ongoing AB testing of landing pages

Throughout a campaign, we are testing your design, messaging, targeting, forms and social proof to ensure quality conversions further downstream.

Optimize targeting throughout

We make sure to maximize your ad spend. We’re proactively monitoring your target audience, implementing demographic insights, and applying new search terms.


Transparent, Comprehensive Reporting.

You deserve maximum insight into your activity online. With one link, you now get full access to Google data studio with API integration.

Transparent reporting that allows you to see all of your campaigns across every platform in real-time.