Upgrade your marketing today

Upgrade your marketing today

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Waterfall Security

I recommend Wadi Digital and Yoel Israel to other cybersecurity vendors interested in increasing brand awareness and lead generation.

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Andrew Ginter

VP Industrial Security

Waterfall Security


If you need help with digital marketing, lead generation, or influencer marketing, you should reach out to the Yoel Israel, WadiDigital and Cyfluencer team. They are extremely kind and professional.

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Clare Avieli

VP Marketing


Wadi’s Cybersecurity Influencer Platform

Wadi created a proprietary platform called Cyfluencer (get it, Cyber + Influencer). It’s used by the world’s leading cybersecurity influencers and vendors to share informed content, ideas, and insights. There is nothing else like it. Take a look to see how the highest quality content and cybersecurity influencers can help you build credibility and expand your reach.

Get the best working for you

Become an integral part of the conversation

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Here’s how it works

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Develop a Strategy

Let’s take a step back for some strategic goal setting before we begin a search for the right influencers to fit your brand and positioning.

Influencer Research

We’ll vet the influencers whose audience is the right fit for your company and develop a proposal based on hundreds of parameters that will help you expand your reach.

Co-Create Content

We work with you and the influencers involved in the campaign to create insightful, personality-filled, impactful content.

Approve and Vet

This is where our experience comes into play. The team is reviewing content with you and deciding what to test, how and where to place and repurpose content, etc.

Set-Up and Manage Campaigns

Wadi has all of the capabilities to produce and manage your campaign once it’s live. From SEO to PPC and anything else you may need, we’re on it.

Unparalleled Exposure

Achieve the kind of reach that you can’t get from ads, be part of the conversation, and get the type of top funnel exposure you can’t get elsewhere.

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