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If you are looking for the best LinkedIn Ads team that is hands-on, optimistic, sends the best email recaps and breakdowns, and will go deep into the data and reporting with you, then look no further than Wadi.
I actively recommend Wadi to other business owners and marketers. If you’re ready to take your Google marketing to the next level, hire Wadi today.
Wadi is responsive and has an extremely organized approach to improving SEO. Wadi are analytical, knowledgeable and will ensure that SEO techniques are constantly adapted to the changes in search algorithms.
If you are an enterprise or multi-national looking to expand your reach, earn more leads, and increase traffic, you should work with WadiDigital.
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I’ve taken Wadi with me to five different companies now. Any time I have a problem – some crazy KPI, board meeting, whatever – they always have my back. They’ve never let me down. And it’s always with a smile.
five sigma
Of all the marketers in tech I have worked with, Wadi clearly knows their tech marketing and strategy better than anyone else. They are my vendor of choice.
I specifically remember how patient and enjoyable the sales process was with them. They were very patient with many calls, and answered all my questions, helping me determine that this is the company who really cares.
Wadi has a business-first approach and focus on the quality of leads and conversations, over the vanity metrics that they could be reporting.
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Wadi prioritizes proactivity, customer service, and results. Their SEO work is deep and thorough.
Their talent and customer service are unmatched. The Wadi team members are reliable, professional, and proactive in their work.
Jewish National Fund-USA have partnered with Wadi for Ads and SEO since 2017. The Wadi team has literally become an extension of our in-house marketing team.
Jewish National Fund
Wadi has a superior understanding of the psychology of our complicated audience and how to target them. They know how to engage with them throughout the funnel.
There’s a great vibe at Wadi. When you’re on a call with the team, you can tell they’re happy working together. They’re not afraid to be more open and honest with you than most vendors.
No one understands all the advertising platforms like Wadi. They have expanded our presence on more platforms and helped to earn more revenue.
For over three years, we have been working with Wadi, and have been very satisfied with how they continue to provide excellent results, connecting us with dedicated account managers, managing our projects with creative strategies coupled with a high attention to detail, while keeping us in the loop with regular communications, as well as always having some laughs together.
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CTERA has been working with Wadi for over 2 years now for paid media and SEO and we are very happy to continue to grow from success to success. Wadi’s service and tech marketing expertise is unmatched, and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.
The campaign managers at Wadi optimized our entire acquisition funnel using retargeting and additional touchpoints across platforms, which helped us drive more qualified leads.
Rarely do you meet a consultant who is committed to the goal and understands the topic at the same level as you.
Wadi has proved themselves to be honest, hard working, reliable and creative partners. We plan well ahead with clear goals and strategies in place and have achieved new organic traffic by over 1,800% in 18 months.
We are seeing great results from Wadi’s efforts. My team looks forward to our recurring meetings and we learn tremendous insights from Wadi’s leadership. I highly recommend working with Wadi.
Wadi provides proactive service and continues to work with the end goal in mind.
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Wadi worked very closely with us to improve lead quality and quantity. They are excellent at collaboration, strategy, and customer service.