Upgrade your marketing today

Upgrade your marketing today

About Wadi

Our Mission is to Provide You with Superior Service and Results

Digital marketing has become much more technical and competitive since we first started. You need to establish your brand, acquire qualified leads and get them through your pipeline before your competitors get to them. How do you do that? Well, you hire top talent and have them look at every aspect of your marketing pipeline. Then, you develop a creative strategy optimized for leads that become opportunities. It takes systematic testing, principled processes, frank conversation, and transparent reporting to build a flywheel that supports your company’s most ambitious goals.

Wadi Team
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Here’s what great
service looks like

Unparalleled Expertise

Team Wadi has extensive knowledge in every digital marketing channel to put together a comprehensive growth strategy for your organization.

Seamless Teamwork

We are an extension of your team - with a deeper bench and more expertise. The crew manages everything behind the scenes and is available for all of your marketing needs.

Customized Approach

We tailor our proven processes to your sales cycle and invest the full power of the agency to developing a unique approach to your marketing.

Exceptional Reporting

Direct KPI integration means everything is out in the open. You know what’s going on with comprehensive dashboards, unique insights, and transparency.


Where it all started...

Wadi started as one marketer’s ambition to build an agency based on great relationships. Our founder, Yoel Israel, aspired to provide service so good that clients would take him along when they switched companies (as most have). His competitive streak motivated him to win for Wadi’s clients.

Six years later, Wadi has grown into a quirky, hard working team of 20+ marketing experts from over 15 different countries and counting. We share our founder’s love of strategy and still challenge ourselves to provide over-the-top customer service.

We do the heavy lifting so that your job is easier and you can get back to doing what you do best.

Wadi Team

Meet the WADI team

We’re a diverse group of fun-loving, good-looking, brainiacs on a mission


Strive for Excellence

At Wadi, excellence means attention. No getting passed off to a junior associate with us. You work directly with the two marketing specialists and a dedicated copywriter responsible for your account. You have their full attention.

We’re proactive about listening and learning from our customers. Our goal is to constantly be improving our processes and incorporating feedback to better serve you.

Work Hard

Our team shares a German-esque work ethic.

We refuse to come in second place.

Rest assured knowing that your team at Wadi is proactively monitoring dashboards and optimizing your campaigns to drive results.

Hire Great People

We’ve cherry-picked the A-Team that’s not only the brightest in the business but a group of folks that are genuinely awesome to work with.

Clients love working with Wadi because of our “can-do” attitude, exceptionally funny jokes, and (most importantly) creative insights.

We weren’t too surprised to learn that we have the highest employee and client retention rates. It turns out that when you do good work and treat people well, they’re motivated to stay and grow within the company!

Service with Integrity

With Wadi, we respect that you’ve trusted us with your accounts and treat your reputation with the utmost respect.

We’re proactive about managing every detail of your campaign and constantly monitoring and optimizing to get the best results possible. Direct KPI integration means that nothing is hidden from sight and everything is out in the open. We’re open, honest, and forthcoming - just as you’d expect your own people to be.

Our reports are constantly being refined to give you actionable insights and make reporting to management a breeze.

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Explore Careers at Wadi

Become the marketing professional you’ve always dreamed of being. Employees have impressive growth trajectories because we invest in our people. Wadi has the highest employee retention rate to prove it. If you’re ready to put your heart and mind into your work and pumped about the future of marketing, browse our job openings. Don’t see something that speaks to you? Reach out to start a conversation. We’ll create a position for someone with serious talent.

Wadi Team