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X for Business: A Guide to Getting Your Business Started in 2024

Twitter Guide

X (Twitter) is an incredibly potent platform for expanding your business’s online reach. On average, each X user follows five businesses, and a staggering 80% of all X users have mentioned a brand in their tweets.

X (Twitter) for business isn’t just a place for growing your customer base through word-of-mouth marketing; it’s a dynamic space to engage with your customers where they naturally congregate.

Yet, standing out on X in today’s landscape is paramount. However, the path to distinction can vary widely among the multitude of businesses spanning diverse industries on X (Twitter) for business.

So, how can you enhance your audience’s online business experience instead of being seen as an interruption? How can you promote your products or services in a manner that persuades people to make a purchase? How can you infuse a human touch into your brand on a platform built for business connectivity?

To assist you in crafting a successful business strategy and harnessing X’s potential for your business, we’ve compiled this invaluable guide. Continue reading to explore how X can benefit your business this year.

How to Effectively Market on X (Twitter) for Business

The initial step is to construct your X Business marketing strategy. Your business strategy is the bedrock of your success and justifies the time invested in research and formulation.

An X (Twitter) for business marketing strategy mirrors other social media strategies. It revolves around the content you create, post, and distribute to engage your business followers. Your content should draw in new business followers, nurture business leads, drive business conversions, and boost brand recognition for your business.

Your business likely already has overarching business objectives, and X (Twitter) for business serves as a channel to propel you toward these business goals. If your business aims to generate long-term leads and sales, you must have brand visibility on your side to set your business flywheel in motion.

The following three strategies will help you develop a robust X (Twitter) for business marketing plan to establish a strong online presence for your business.

Scrutinize Your Competitors for Business

X (Twitter) for business is a valuable tool for examining business competitors and observing their business marketing content and strategies. This insight into your business competitors’ business activities can guide your business strategy. Are there any techniques they employ that you should adopt for your business? What does their business customer service look like on the platform? By asking these business questions about your business competitors, you can craft a well-informed business strategy. Also, you see who your competitors are engaging with, and message them. 

Stay Current with Best Practices for Business.

Like auditing, staying current with best business practices is an ongoing task. Keeping pace with X updates and evolution is essential for maintaining high business impressions and engagement.

Define Your Audience for Business.

Your business personas should influence every facet of your business marketing, including social media for business. When devising your business strategy and crafting individual pieces of content for your business, keep your business personas in mind. Who do you aim to reach with your business? What interests them in the context of business? Will this business content capture their attention for your business?

Using X (Twitter) for Business

Now that we’ve addressed strategies for building an X marketing plan, let’s delve into key steps to harness X (Twitter) for business.

Create an Outstanding Profile for Business.

First and foremost, set the stage for success by customizing your business profile.

Ensure you upload captivating images for both your banner and profile picture for your business. While many brands use their business logo as their business profile image, the banner allows room for customization and creativity with colors and imagery.

If you’re new to X or have a recently established business, make sure your X handle is closely tied to your company. Using your business brand name as your X (Twitter) for business handle might be the obvious choice for your business, but in a platform teeming with business accounts, what happens when your desired handle is already taken for your business?

If your business brand name is already claimed by another user, consider adding a CTA at the start of your company name for your business. For instance, if your company is called “Wiz,” and that handle is taken for your business, you could opt for “@DiscoverTechWiz” or “@ExploreTechWiz” as alternative choices for your business. If your business handle is already taken and the previous option doesn’t work, feel free to reach out to Wadi. We can assist you in securing that handle, provided it is 6 characters or more.

A seemingly minor business detail, but updating your pinned tweet regularly is crucial for your business. This pinned tweet could pertain to an upcoming sale event or a recently launched marketing campaign for your business. Regardless, it’s the first interaction your business audience has with your profile since it remains at the top of your business feed.

Additionally, it’s essential to refine your business description, website link, and location for your business. These elements belong on your X (Twitter) for a business profile, allowing your business followers to glean more about your business, and they should be updated and reviewed periodically.

In optimizing your online presence, it’s crucial to incorporate UTMs for a comprehensive understanding of your website traffic sources. By adding UTMs, you gain insights into the specific origins of your traffic. This distinction helps discern if visitors arrived through a profile visit rather than their newsfeed or an advertisement on X. This strategic approach empowers you to fine-tune your marketing efforts based on the most effective channels for attracting your audience.

Infuse Value into Your Content for Business.

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Adding value to your X (Twitter) for business content aligns with the principles of adding value to other business marketing content. Always keep your business buyer personas in mind because the crux of successful inbound business content is making your business readers feel that you’re speaking directly to them.

When considering the value of social media for business, ask yourself if your tweets advance a business idea, entertain, or educate the audience. Content lacking any of these elements is likely to fall flat. Remember that the core of X (Twitter) for business is to connect and spark business conversations. If your business content doesn’t inspire dialogue, it may not be worth publishing.

X (Twitter) for business, in particular, endeavors to make the most of the 280-character limit. Multimedia tweets are effective in setting your business apart, and tweets with images receive 150% more retweets, so diversify your business content with images and videos. However, ensure you maintain variety for your business. No one wants to see the same “text, CTA, link” tweet with an image preview repeatedly in their feed. Mix in emojis and GIFs with your images and videos for your business.

There are unique ways to infuse value into your X (Twitter) business account that are specific to the platform for your business. Many brands host their monthly X Spaces for Business. X Spaces offers an excellent way to interact with your audience and solicit their thoughts on your brand or industry. To initiate your own X Spaces for business, specify a date, and time, and create an original hashtag for business participants.

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Optimize Your Content for Business.

Having added value to your business content, the next step is to ensure it reaches the intended business audience. You can optimize your X (Twitter) for business content using several strategies for your business.

Hashtags are a straightforward and common way to amplify your business content, but exercise caution about their quantity for your business. Overusing hashtags can make your business seem spammy or overly attention-seeking. In a nutshell, avoid hashtag overuse and stick to one or two relevant hashtags per tweet for your business.

To boost the visibility of your business content, consider conducting hashtag research for your business. Identify which hashtags your business audience uses when discussing your business brand, and incorporate them into your tweets for your business.

Lastly, think about the timing of your tweets for your business. 92% of companies tweet more than once a day for their business, with 42% tweeting one to five times daily for their business, and 19% tweeting six to ten times daily for their business. It’s essential to bear in mind that your business audience is not solely on X (Twitter) to hear your business brand. Thus, avoid inundating their business feeds with superfluous business content. Experiment with different times to send out tweets to reach a broader business audience. Many businesses tweet in the morning, during lunch breaks, and early evenings, as these are times when their target business audience is most likely to be online.

Engage with Your Audience for Business.

It’s imperative to consistently engage with your business audience on X (Twitter) for business by tagging them in posts, responding to their comments, or even hosting engaging giveaways to involve your business audience. It is strongly recommended, that you reply to all relevant posts about your business.

Monitor Your Brand for Business.

Social listening is a potent technique to create content that resonates with your business followers, develop fresh business ideas rooted in industry trends, enhance customer experiences through direct business interaction, and tailor your business strategy to match your audience’s needs.

Measure Your Results for Business.

Having clear business objectives and goals in place facilitates the measurement of your performance on any social media platform. Goals also assist in identifying when your business strategy falls short and can guide you in the right direction.

To gauge your performance on X (Twitter) for business, explore X analytics, accessible from the drop-down menu when you click your business profile at the top right corner of your X dashboard. 

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A fundamental tip for assessing your X performance is to place less emphasis on superficial metrics for your business. Vanity metrics, such as impressions or follower count, often display impressive figures on paper but may not advance your business goals. It’s more crucial to know how many people have clicked on the links you tweeted or how many individuals are interacting and engaging with your business content among your total business audience. This insight helps you understand which business content resonates most with your business audience and drives the highest number of business leads for your business.

Venture into Paid Promotion for Your Business.

Paid promotion on X (Twitter) for business can take two forms for your business:

  • Promoted Tweets for Your Business
  • X (Twitter) Ads for Your Business

Promoted tweets appear in a user’s feed or search results for your business. Your business pays for the tweet to be displayed to users who do not already follow your business account. A promoted tweet looks identical to a regular tweet and functions in the same way; users can retweet, like, and quote it. X (Twitter) for business will place your promoted tweets in a daily campaign, targeting the specific business audience you desire, as specified in your settings.

X (Twitter) Ads are a suitable choice if you aim to promote various types of tweets to achieve a specific goal or advance a campaign for your business.

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Why You Should Maintain an X (Twitter) Presence for Your Business

Building a loyal and interactive X audience for your business takes time, and it can be disheartening to see business content receive minimal or no response for your business. Nonetheless, abandoning the platform means relinquishing a substantial source of brand awareness for your business, making it more challenging for customers to discover your business.

Here are a few reasons why staying on X (Twitter) for business, even if you’re currently underwhelmed with your business, is essential for your business.

Strategize Your Business on X by Analyzing Competitor Tactics

Chances are, your competitors are pursuing similar, if not identical, objectives on X (Twitter) for business. Monitoring your competitors’ social strategy by studying their X presence can be a valuable way to revamp your own X business strategy. Assess what works and what doesn’t for your competitors for your business.

It’s a Remarkable Source of Free Marketing for Your Business.

Who can resist free marketing? X (Twitter) for business provides an excellent platform to interact with your business customers, sparking a cycle of word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Responding to customer tweets can be particularly impactful for your business, especially when addressing negative experiences for your business.

X (Twitter) for Business Can Boost Sales for Your Business.

If the allure of free marketing doesn’t persuade you, consider the potential for increased sales for your business. X (Twitter) for business is not merely a platform to broadcast your business brand to the world; it’s a place where customers reach out to you for your business. An astounding 60% of a brand’s followers are more likely to make a purchase or recommend products after following the brand on X.

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