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SEO – Where Do I Even Start?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now being used by many websites both big and small that it has become one of the main aspects of
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now being used by many websites both big and small that it has become one of the main aspects of a digital marketing campaign.  However, there are still many companies who are in the dark about what SEO is all about, its fundamental use, and how to go about it.

The basic definition of SEO is that it is a process of improving the visibility or ranking of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). The primary purpose of employing SEO is to drive unpaid traffic to your website and creating leads that convert into sales. If your company has a website and you’re asking yourself, “Where and how do I even start with SEO?” here is a simple explanation and guide to help you.

  1. Site and Business Assessment

The start of a quality SEO process is a comprehensive site and business assessment, which is an ideal way of understanding the business and how to maximize its potential with SEO. A business assessment includes identifying the target audience, its competitors, and its major challenges. A website analysis, which takes an in-depth look at meta sets and keywords, visible text and code, will determine how well your site is positioned for search engines. The competitive analysis covers examination of content keywords of competitive websites.

  1. Building a Smart Campaign Roadmap

Based on the findings of the site and business assessment, you can now create a custom strategy for your business to match and beat the competition. This starts with clearly-defined goals and objectives. Several key areas for the campaign roadmap includes having a content strategy, working on on-site SEO, working with third party companies, and link building or off-site optimization.

Having a top-notch content strategy includes crafting quality content on the web page through blog posts, Ebooks, white papers, FAQs, sales pages, infographics, videos, and more. Content is written both for users and search engines so special attention should be given to titles, keywords, and meta description. The URL structure should be SEO-friendly and for further search optimization, on-site elements such as Internal Links, Header Tags, Image Name and ALT Tags should also be included. Part of your SEO campaign should also be a solid link-building strategy so that you can get quality and authority sites to link to your website.

  1. Forging your Unique Path

One of the most important things to remember in an SEO campaign is that you know your company better than anyone.  It is essential to find an SEO company who have a team of experts but will not force you to adhere to certain practices that do not align with your vision and what your company is about. In fact, the best digital marketing company will not force you into a pre-defined “box” but they will take what makes your business unique and build a “box” around you. WadiDigital is a full-service digital company that understands each company’s distinctiveness and works with it, creating a customized campaign that works best for their clients.

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