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Linkedin Remarketing & Matched Audience

Remarketing is another attempt at marketing to people who have already visited your website or whose email you possess. It is a smart way

Remarketing is another attempt at marketing to people who have already visited your website or whose email you possess.       It is a smart way to connect with those familiar with your brand who didn’t make an enquiry while visiting your site or LinkedIn assets. It lets your company position their target ads in front of a defined audience that previously visited your website as they browse through LinkedIn. If someone reads an interesting article on your website but doesn’t send you a message to ask about your products, services, or fill out a lead form, you can run another ad to make that person come visit your landing page or LinkedIn Lead Gen Form knowing that they were a previous visitor.

Remarketing uses web technology to keep tabs on people who visit your domain so that you can show them some ads while they continue to browse through the Internet. It puts cookies on the computer or device of your website visitors. The cookie ID is then included in your remarketing audience list.

As per research, remarketing is an effective strategy. Retargeted display ads can have click-through rates that are 10 times higher than non-retargeted ads. Retargeted ads offer a 1,046% increase in the behavior of trademark search.

You will often encounter the term “Matched Audiences” in LinkedIn remarketing. It just means that you are reaching out to people that you already know. You can target people who have visited your website, reach key people in your target companies, or send promos and ads to your contacts that you upload to LinkedIn Ads Matched Audience.

How Does LinkedIn Remarketing Work?

Add LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website by signing in to the Campaign Manager. Click on your account name. Go to Account Assets which can be found on the upper part of the screen. There will be a drop-down menu once you hover the cursor to it. Choose Insight Tag from the drop-down menu.

A JavaScript code will appear. Copy the code snippet to your clipboard and paste it into a file that surfaces for every page of your website. Add it before the closing <body> tag. These steps will enable a remarketing campaign.

To launch a remarketing campaign, go back to Campaign Manager. Hover the cursor to Account Assets once again and click on the Matched Audiences. Click the select button right next to “Use a matched audience”. Click the button that says Create an audience to retarget. There is an option in the screen that will allow you to name your audience. LinkedIn Remarketing allows you create segments so you can name each segment easily. After naming your audience, enter the URL of the page that will attract your market segment. You can add more than one URL as long as they appeal to your target market. Make sure you add the LinkedIn Insight Code to all Subdomains as well. Once you are done adding the URLs, click the save button. You will receive a prompt to set up your insight tag but since you already finished doing it, you don’t need to worry about it.

LinkedIn would need to verify your website which could take around 48 hours. You can check the status of your audience by going to the Campaign Manager and clicking on Account Assets and then Matched Audiences. If your audience is already verified, there will be a “verified” status next to the name of your audience. Once an audience is verified, you can already use this audience in your retargeting campaign.

To use an audience for a campaign, open Audiences tab. Click on the ‘See full list’ to see the list of all the audiences you created. To select the audience, choose include on the dropdown list that can be found on the left side of the audience name. Make sure that you choose include instead of exclude because otherwise, your campaign will run without the audience that you are trying to reach. Once you start launching a campaign, the ads will start showing up to people who are on your Matched Audience.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) Retargeting

Account Based Marketing Targeting is targeting the employees of the companies in your target market. You can specify the list of companies that you wish to convey your message to and the ads will appear on the LinkedIn of the employees of those who work for those companies.

Go to Campaign Manager to set up account targeting. Go to targeting page. You need to specify a location with account targeting. You can be very specific with your target by specifying employees of the company or you can simply specify the company name. Give each audience a name. Upload a list of the company names that you are targeting in a CSV file.

The verification process takes about 48 hours. You can check the status of your audience the same way as the previous targeting method.

Contact Targeting

Contact Targeting is targeting your email contacts outside of LinkedIn. Simply upload a list of your email contacts. They should be in a single column in a CSV file. The list of contacts should have a minimum of 300 contacts and a maximum of 300,000 contacts. 1,000 contacts are the recommended minimum.

To upload the list of contacts, go to Account Assets then select Matched Audiences. Click on the Uploaded List Audiences tab and click on the Upload a List button. Upload the CSV file by selecting Match Based on List of Contacts. Wait for the verification for 48 hours.

Visitors of your website are likely to leave your website without responding to a call to action or filling out a form. LinkedIn remarketing is a great way of ensuring that you can still get a second chance from potential customers who are already familiar with your brand.

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