How to target VC’s and tech startups | Liz Cohen

Breaking through too VC’s as a startup/provider can be incredibly hard. They get… ? 100’s of cold emails ? Swarmed by startups at events ? More than enough in-mails on LinkedIn So where do you even start with cutting through? ? Well, you’re in luck….. because today we’ve got Liz Cohen on. A.K.A. The VC […]

The rise of “Virtue Signalling” & how to the opposite | Noa Eshed

One of the negatives that has unfortunately come of out COVID is that we’ve seen a lot of companies, talking a big game but not actually doing i.e. “Virtue Signalling” In this video Yoel sat down with Noa Eshed, who is the Founder of Bold Digital Architects, and talked about the damage “Virtue Signalling” can […]

The Art of Having a Great Conversation | David Yahid

What makes a great conversation? How do you start a conversation with a COMPLETE stranger? These are all common questions people have… whether it’s in a Business or Personal setting. In this video, Yoel spoke with David Yahid on the art of becoming a great conversationalist & some of the things you can do to […]

How Men & Women Can Elevate Each Other In The Workplace | Shiri Grosbard

In this video I chatted with Shiri Grosbard who is the Co-Founder of G-CMO & also the Director of Innovation & People Experience at AppsFlyer. We really dove deep into how both Men & Women can elevate each other in the workplace & the changes that need to be made for an overall better working […]