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X (Twitter) – Profile Optimization: Strategies for Peak Performance

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With over 540 million monthly users, X (Twitter) stands as a massive platform where your potential clients, customers, journalists, bloggers, and influencers converge. As a business or brand, it’s essential to have a presence here.

X (Twitter) isn’t just a space for consumers; it’s a hub for discussions, opinions, spirited debate, and stories. When someone searches within your industry, you want your profile to shine.

The first step in mastering X (Twitter) is crafting a compelling business profile. Here, we present eight valuable tips for optimizing it.

Craft a Captivating X (Twitter) Business Bio

Your X bio, a mere 160 characters or less, is your chance to captivate X’s search engine and profile visitors. Incorporate highly relevant keywords and regularly used hashtags of your industry. While using hashtags, be cautious, as they can divert attention from your bio. Ensure that the hashtags you choose don’t lead visitors to your competitors if they click on them, rather a hashtag that you usually use or engage with.

Choose the Perfect X (Twitter) Business Profile Image

Adding an image is a crucial element of X profile optimization. For businesses and brands, a recognizable logo that represents your brand effectively is ideal. If your logo is text-heavy or doesn’t display well in the small profile image square, consider creating a secondary, X-friendly version. Pay attention to color, image size, and mobile device compatibility. X supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats, with a recommended size of 400×400 pixels.

Showcase Your Business Brand with an X (Twitter) Header Image

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Think of your header image as a magazine cover for your business profile. Change it regularly to feature your brand effectively. You have 1500×1500 pixels to work with, providing ample space to get creative. Consider showcasing your top-selling products, a new release, your team, a product launch, or any visually captivating aspect of your business. Remember to optimize image file names with branded keywords to enhance discoverability.

Direct Visitors to a Specific X (Twitter) Web Page

Go beyond the typical homepage link. Identify which specific page you want to direct X users to. If journalists and bloggers frequent X for stories, link to your company’s newsroom or blog. Alternatively, lead your followers to download a guide, subscribe to your email list, sign up for a webinar, request a demo, or achieve any other conversion goal you have in mind. Make sure to add UTM tracking so you know that the traffic came from X, and specifically from your profile.

Add a Location to Your X (Twitter) Business Profile

For local businesses, fill out the location section of your X profile. This enables X’s algorithm to match your content with locally-based audiences.

Pin a Post to Your Company’s X (Twitter) Profile

If your X cover image is a magazine cover, then the pinned post is your featured story. This often-overlooked optimization feature allows you to showcase content strategically. Pin posts with strong visuals, clear calls to action, relevant keywords, strategic hashtags, and links back to your website or blog for more information. Keep in mind that for new profile visitors, the pinned post is the first thing they’ll see in your X stream. If you are hosting or attending an important industry event, it is strongly recommended that you pin a post about you attending and how to meet at the event.

Add your Favorite X Tweets to the Highlights Tab

This innovative feature is designed to elevate your engagement and streamline your content curation on your business profile. Now, you can effortlessly curate a collection of your most cherished tweets, all neatly organized in a separate tab. Whether it’s customer testimonials, standout moments, or industry insights, this tool empowers you to highlight and showcase content that truly resonates with your audience. With the Highlights Tab, you can effectively tell your brand’s story, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression, all in one place.

By implementing these nine tips, you can effectively optimize your X business profile, enhancing your brand’s visibility and engagement on this bustling platform.

Ensure Your X (Twitter) Posts Are Public

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating: ensure your X posts are public. In your settings’ Privacy and Safety section, verify that the box next to “Protect your posts” is unchecked. Public posts are essential for discovery.

Open Up Your X (Twitter) Inbox

To make your brand more approachable and optimize accessibility, remove privacy from your X direct messages. Visit the Privacy and Safety area in your X settings, scroll to the direct message option, and select “Allow message requests from everyone”

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FAQs About Optimizing Your X (Twitter) Business Profile

1. How can I make the most of the limited space in my X bio?

You can maximize your X bio by carefully considering how you want to present yourself to your audience. Think about what you’ll be Tweeting about or promoting and tailor your bio to reflect that.

2. Should I include hashtags in my company’s X bio?

Yes – only if it is regularly used by your potential customers and you engage with this hashtag. Including relevant hashtags in your bio can help link your account to others discussing similar topics. You can use both self-developed hashtags and popular ones to increase your profile’s visibility.

3. Can I include links in my company’s X profile?

Absolutely! There’s space in your company’s X profile for a link to your website, recorded demo, or blog. This link allows your followers to easily access more of your company’s online information that you want them to consume.

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