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“Content Is King” in SEO: Monthly Creation and Publication

In case you did not know, it was Bill Gates who coined the titular phrase “content is king” two decades ago. Yet, it has remained
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In case you did not know, it was Bill Gates who coined the titular phrase “content is king” two decades ago. Yet, it has remained as relevant as ever. But why is content, king? What makes it so important, anyway? For starters, content is rather fluid. It could be anything from short video clips to full research write-ups. As you can see, it is universal with being online.

Perhaps the right question is this: How to make your content king? How can you create quality content and build credibility from there? Below are tips on how you can best achieve it.

#1. In-Depth Content Assessment

By now, it is possible that you already have published content on your website. You have probably written about how your services or products work. Or perhaps most of your articles provide readers with how-to guides and tips. This is where in-depth content assessment comes in.  Your content is carefully reviewed in order to find faults, such as spelling and grammar errors. These two are important in achieving quality. Extensive research is also done to make sure that the gist of the content is relevant and consistent. And, of course, blog optimization and adding of inbound links are performed.

#2. Building a Content Strategy

Your goal here is to simply plan ahead before writing and/or publishing content on your site. And by that, it means planning months and months ahead. Your content strategy must be well-thought of and strategically planned. What do you want your content to reflect? Do you want it to focus on providing relevant information to your readers? Consider what you want to produce on a monthly basis. For example, on some months you can talk about how your product or services has helped revolutionize the market. Then, in other months to come, you can create content that keeps your market updated with your products or services.

#3. Go For the Latest Trends and Topics

Content is and the only king if it perfectly shows relevance. And how do you exactly do this? Well, that is by being completely aware of all the latest trends and topics. Find a way to incorporate them into your blogs or videos. Your goal is to be part of the viral bubble, which can significantly impact your market reach. For example, you should write articles that inform readers about the current updates in the industry you are in. Say, you are in the technology industry. Try to produce content that discusses the latest in the said industry. This could be anything under the sun. You just have to have a finger on the pulse regarding the latest trends and topics.

#4. Make Your Business The “Star”

At the end of the day, your content’s goal is to ensure that your business gets the limelight. After a visitor goes through your video or article, he/she will get to know more about your business. This is where WadiDigital, a B2B technology marketing agency, can help you excel. acked with industry experts, they can help you create and publish contents that make your business the “star” and the envy in the online neighborhood. They make sure that your business’ vision and goals are perfectly captured in order to create consistency within your content strategy. And when this happens, you can expect a much wider market reach.

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