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Quora addresses two fundamental human characteristics: curiosity and helpfulness. As a question and answer aggregator, the website provides a forum for people who like to
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Quora addresses two fundamental human characteristics: curiosity and helpfulness. As a question and answer aggregator, the website provides a forum for people who like to pose questions to satisfy their curiosity and for people who like to share their expertise or knowledge by providing answers. All the questions and answers are created, edited, and structured by the users. The online collaborative platform believes that viral questions can drive as much traffic as very insightful answers.

Since its launch, millions of people have accessed this question-and-answer website, quickly acquiring valuable information that they otherwise will only find by sifting through heaps and heaps of data. Just as the platform is continuously expanding and improving, its users are continually growing, with an estimated 200 million monthly unique visitors.

With this strong user trend, more and more businesses are spending part of their advertising budget on Quora.
How will businesses benefit from Quora Ads?

  1. People use their real identities, so content is quality. There are no trolls in the website because it has strict moderation policies that enforce civil discourse and ensures top-notch content. The information that the site generates is guaranteed to be valuable to the user. Many experts agree that both questions and answers are of higher quality compared to other sites. This also gives the site credibility, which is an advantage for brands that are trying to build a solid online reputation.
  2. The Q&A format of Quora that is based on interest, question topics or even actual questions makes it easier for the advertiser to target to a specific audience. For instance, there are questions such as “What are some good ways for parents to teach kids entrepreneurial skills?” and “What do you need to start a career as a content creator?” The content of those two questions and even the answers that they will generate will clearly tell advertisers what kind of products and brands are best suited to them. This makes targeting for a specific market simpler and more straightforward.
  1. Looking at the demographics of Quora users, they are mostly highly-educated, white collar business professionals. How can this be advantageous to advertising? Aside from boosting the credibility factor with content created by experts and people with a certain degree of knowledge on the subject, users have the spending power and are often business owners themselves. These users may be looking for opportunities to partner with another business. Advertising in Quora is great for B2B marketing, as its many of its users are also business owners. Many business owners also use the question-and-answer site as traffic drivers to their websites or blogs
  2. Since its users demonstrate high intent, advertisers will reach the right users at the right time, when looking for an answer. The curious and inquisitive nature of the users will prove to be beneficial to your brand. With Quora, advertisers are also given the ability to strategically place their ad copy between valuable nuggets of information that relate directly or indirectly to their product or service. Businesses are able to capture an engaged audience.
  3. The minimum budget of an advertising campaign is an affordable $5/day. Businesses can easily reach their target Cost -Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM) budget. It is also easy to measure the Return of Investment (ROI) of a company’s advertising campaign with Quora’s ad platform. Businesses can view standard metrics in the platform’s ads managers. They can also track conversions through Quora Pixel. They also have a choice to integrate with other measurement partners.
  4. The site’s ad builder is straightforward. The ad making experience is intuitive and not complex. Advertisers just need to enter a headline sentence, a couple of body sentences, a landing page URL and a display URL. The Ad Import feature is also a big help for ad makers.
  5. Quora results rank high on Google. Search intent is a powerful indicator of ads that can easily convert into revenue. A current research indicates that many businesses and bloggers list Quora as their largest source of organic traffic.
    Based on WadiDigital’s experience, all the benefits of Quora Ads make it a very important puzzle piece in your B2B company’s marketing strategy. If you are not yet advertising on Quora, now is the time to have a first-mover advantage on this new advertising platform.

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