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LinkedIn Carousel Ads – Make Your Business Stand Out

With about 500 million professional users worldwide, LinkedIn is considered to be the professional networking site with the widest reach globally. It is an ideal
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With about 500 million professional users worldwide, LinkedIn is considered to be the professional networking site with the widest reach globally. It is an ideal platform for new B2B leads. The best thing about running an advertising campaign on this social media platform is that it could be specifically aimed towards your target market. You will be able to reach the right people by specifying audience criteria such as location, job seniority, company industry, job title, job function, and many more. In one recent survey of B2B marketers, 94% identified it as their social network of choice to distribute content.

Now, advertisers can promote their products and services using Carousel Ads on the LinkedIn feed. The LinkedIn Carousel Ad format allows advertisers to display 2-10 images with headlines and call-to-action links in a single ad unit. Carousel ads are high-performing tools that could really support your marketing strategy. This fun format allows brands to deliver their impactful messages using multiple images in succession. These images link to a call to action. The format lets you display a maximum of ten images in one single ad. Each image unit can also have its own link, providing a lot of opportunities for advertisers to generate leads, and get more impressions for the same price.

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Studies show that when companies use carousel ads, they see at least a three-fold decrease in CPC. This means that a bigger volume of potential clients visits the company website for less cost. According to another marketing data, a carousel ad is an effective way to drive up to 10 times more traffic to your websites. Promoting your brand with image carousels on the LinkedIn feed is an effective and appealing way to reach your target market.

How will you use LinkedIn Carousel Ads?

There are many creative ways that LinkedIn Carousel ads can be utilized. They are ideal marketing tools and are great for:

  • Telling your brand narrative that develops across each card.
  • Engaging your target market.
  • Highlighting the best features of different products or product lines.
  • Showcasing specific benefits and attributes of each product or service that you offer.
  • Showing the results of different case studies.
  • Giving different recommendations.
  • Displaying various types of content like eBooks, white papers, and recorded webinars.
  • Showcasing a buffet of testimonials.
  • Explaining how your products or services work through a step-by-step process.
  • Sharing your brand message through a compelling and heart-warming story.

What are the advantages of using Carousel Ads?

  • They generally use up more space. This means that there is more room to tell your brand’s story or showcase your products. Multi-product ads can simultaneously display 10 images at the same time.
  • They are interactive. Users have to swipe or click through the carousel, thus increasing engagement.
  • They are user-friendly. Because of its user-friendly design and simple format, carousel ads are easy to interact with.
  • They give your target audience more options.
  • They are adaptable. Advertisers have the option to creatively use up to ten cards.
  • They encourage target audience to purchase your products or respond to your call to action.
  • They show different aspects or angles of a single product, which gives customers comprehensive information.
  • They are cost-effective. Carousel ads gather click-throughs with lower costs per acquisition. They can drive more conversions at lower costs.

How will you collect leads with LinkedIn Carousel Ads?

Use compelling carousels and inspire your audience to act. You can drive engagement and collect leads through the use of Lead Gen Forms. Only carousels that utilize Lead Gen Forms have Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons.
LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are pre-filled forms that contain members’ professional information. There are actually seven fields when you create a Lead Gen Form which advertisers can choose from. These include contact information, work information, company information, and education information among others.

They provide a seamless way for brands to reach out to customers and start generating leads. When members click this form, they can instantly send you their information without having to type anything. This is because LinkedIn pre-populated these forms with their contact details that they have shared on their profile. They are useful for:

  1. Generating high-quality leads – If you want to generate high-quality leads on a large scale, Lead Gen forms should be utilized with carousel ads. They have pre-filled LinkedIn profile data, which gives accurate professional information of potential customers.
  2. Accessing and managing leads – Using Campaign Manager, you can download your leads or integrate it with a CRM tool or a marketing automation tool.
  3. Connecting members with your content and other offers – When LinkedIn members click submit on a lead form, they will automatically be connected to your website, eBook, or other preferred destination.

What are the other features of LinkedIn Carousel Ads?

  • You can optimize the order of carousel images – The order will depend on each individual card’s performance.
  • You can measure engagement with the carousel ad content – Once the ad goes live, you can start measuring your LinkedIn ad. The ad performance can be broken down into the ad unit or individual card level.
    Carousel Ads Best Practices.
  • To begin with, it is recommended that you select only 3-5 cards and optimize them accordingly. Even though you can create 2-10 ads.
  • Carousel ads should have the image size of 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Each unit in the carousel ad can only link to one Lead Gen Form. However, each Lead Gen Form has custom fields. You should be able to leverage Lead Gen Forms by using these optional custom fields.
  • The best way to see which cards your target audience responds to the most is to test and optimize them. Through testing, you will be able to see what variations work best.

LinkedIn ads offer brands a great way to generate leads or create brand awareness. Whether you’re focused on lead generation or brand awareness or a little bit of both, LinkedIn offers marketing solutions to help you connect with professionals who are influential and are actual decision makers. One of the most effective marketing solutions that LinkedIn offers is using carousel ads, which have proven to be more effective at getting people to convert compared to static ad formats.

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