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LinkedIn Ads Lead Generation Forms: Get Easy-to-Convert B2B Sales Leads

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms provide you with easy-to-convert sales leads. Business enterprises that try to capture leads through online forms face the problems of many
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LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms provide you with easy-to-convert sales leads.

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Business enterprises that try to capture leads through online forms face the problems of many abandoned forms, and the lead records that contain incomplete and inaccurate information. The newly introduced LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms empower businesses to overcome these problems.

The forms allow the sponsored content campaigners to capture high quality leads for their businesses instantly by pre populating the required information from the members’ LinkedIn profiles.

Here is how the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms work:

When a member clicks on your LinkedIn ad to interact with it, he or she will be taken to a Lead Gen Form. These forms are pre-filled with the professional information such as name, contact information, company, job title and seniority, extracted from the users’ LinkedIn profiles.

With a single click on the form, the users can instantly send you their accurate and up-to-date information which will become a comprehensive and high quality lead record for your business. Since the forms are pre-filled, the users will be spared from using the claustrophobic on screen keyboard on their mobile devices to key in the information manually.

The moment users click on the submit button of the form they will automatically be directed to a custom ‘thank you’ page that connects them to your website or any other destination that you specify, to enable the users explore more about your products and services.

Getting the Lead Gen Forms up and running is easy and effortless. When you create a new sponsored content campaign, select the option ‘collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms’. Thereafter, create a new Lead Gen Form by adding the privacy policy URL from your website in the form creation page and specifying your desired form fields to be automatically populated. Finally, customize the thank you page and select a call to action. That’s it. You are good to go.

The benefits of Lead Gen Forms:

LinkedIn makes it easy to manage and access your leads. You can either download your leads from your campaign manager or pass your leads to a CRM or marketing automation platform of your choice.

By using lead gen reports in campaign manager you can keep track of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the Cost Per Lead (CPL) and form fill rate. These KPIs enable you to measure your Return On Investment (ROI), and know whether you are collecting quality leads from the prospects who matter most to your business.

LinkedIn’s Lead Generation Forms don’t require you to implement any tracking code as there’s no need for a prospect to visit your website on their path to conversion.

Facebook and Instagram also offer lead generation ads, which also come with pre-populated forms. However, LinkedIn, being a professional network with 500 million members, is a treasure house of demographics-laden professional information, and as such, has the ability to provide qualitatively superior leads.

LinkedIn initially introduced its Lead Gen Forms only on mobile devices considering the fact that 80% of its member engagement with Sponsored Content happens on smartphones. However, it is planning to expand the forms even to desktop campaigns in the future.

LinkedIn claims that 90 percent of the 50 customers surveyed as part of its pilot study beat their cost-per-lead goals. They also saw lower CPLs with Lead Gen Forms compared with their standard Sponsored Content campaigns.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, in view of the comprehensive and high quality leads they offer, are poised to become a better option for the sponsored content campaigners who are in a hunt for easy-to-convert sales leads.

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