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Facebook Lead Generation Ads Auto Populates Forms

StatCounter published that for the first time, mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of the internet usage over desktop computer usage—for the first time, mobile usage has surpassed

StatCounter published that for the first time, mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of the internet usage over desktop computer usage—for the first time, mobile usage has surpassed the desktop. That means that now—more than ever—it is time for businesses to start focusing on strategies that will follow this trend and lend to increasing marketing efforts on mobile platforms. Part of this strategy is allowing for the ease of use that comes with mobile. The first of many platforms that allows for this synergistic combination is Facebook through their Lead Form Ads.

As more and more companies find out about this new feature, this will be the new norm for generating leads among certain demographics, especially among those that rely heavily on mobile technology and social media.

What are Facebook Lead Form Ads?

We all know what lead forms are. They are those pesky, online contact forms on our site that usually pop-up or pop-over or have their own page that we hope to point someone to with a clever Call-to-Action. The problem with these are that often times information gets inputted incorrectly or people get lazy and do not want to fill out the whole form. At this point, the lead’s information is of no use to you—this is where the Facebook Lead Form Ads come into play…

Facebook lead forms are run as regular ad campaigns and can be set up by a marketing professional through a Business Manager Ads account. Once the ad information is created and implemented, the mobile friendly ads appear on Facebook timelines just like any ad. The difference is that on these ads there is a button to “Sign Up” where they can submit their information for you to collect and add them to an email list or to gather their phone numbers.

Why Facebook Lead Generation Ads are Awesome!

88% of consumers input the incorrect contact information while filling out online forms. It is a cause of irritation for both consumers and businesses. The beauty of the Facebook Lead Form Ads is that these ads are housed on Facebook’s platform, so the user never actually leaves Facebook, you don’t even need a website. Therefore, their information is automatically populated from their Facebook account, such as name, email and phone number—so you know it is accurate—and you don’t have to worry about losing clicks in the transition process. This also significantly increases the chances of getting more quality leads at a much cheaper price! Additionally, you can also add your own custom questions for the person to fill out! At the end of your advertising cycle, you can download your database of names, email addresses, phone numbers and answers to use for your marketing efforts, remarketing or to get in contact with the leads.

More Reasons Why Facebook Lead Form Ads Are Amazing

As if everything already mentioned wasn’t enough, there are more reasons why they are so great; however, the biggest being that the advertising platform is so robust, A/B testing and optimization of Form Ads can be done easily to make sure you are making the biggest impact with your advertising budget. There is no tinkering and waiting to see how one landing page performs over another—with Facebook’s platform, the ads run simultaneously so you can figure out early what works best for you.

Once the initial set up of the Facebook Lead Form Ads are established, the simplicity for the user and the guaranteed accuracy of the form’s information makes these ads cheapest and best ways to get cost efficient cost-per-leads.

For more on these new and innovative ads, check out Facebook’s The Power of Lead Ads.

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