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Tell Your Story With Facebook Canvas

Advertising with Facebook Canvas Mobile users are continually on the rise. From the number of people installing Facebook apps, to Google recognizing that more people
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Advertising with Facebook Canvas

Mobile users are continually on the rise. From the number of people installing Facebook apps, to Google recognizing that more people are now using mobile for search than desktop computers, the data is irrefutable: conquering mobile is the future of a successful marketing campaign. The latest and greatest way to do this is with Facebook’s Canvas Advertising.

What Are Facebook Canvas Ads?

Facebook Canvas Ads will forever change the way that advertisers brand themselves on social media. They allow for something that has never been done before in social advertising—easy, online storytelling. With these super-fast ads (because they are created specifically for mobile) you can move through the ads by swiping your finger or tiling your screen. You will recognize the ads by the small upwards arrow signaling users that there is more to see.

Facebook Canvas Ads appear in a user’s newsfeed just like any normal sponsored ad, the difference being that this ad offers an amazing experience while never leaving the platform. These mobile ads offer you the opportunity to tell a story for those on the move—they are compatible on both Android and iOS, so all of the large market shares are covered.

Telling a Story with Canvas Ads

What makes these innovative ads better than all the others is that they are completely immersive—it’s like a technological scrapbook of advertising for their perusing on Facebook.

When you click on the ad—unlike other Facebook ads—it doesn’t take you to another page, but opens up the experience immediately cutting down on problems such as load time or going to a website with poorly optimized landing pages.

Possibly the coolest feature of using Facebook Canvas Ads is that in the dedicated page you can have it show image carousels and videos. This makes it perfect for companies or organizations that need visuals to promote their business or causes. It is great for realtors showing their homes, nature companies showing the great outdoors, or businesses needing to show a range of products.

Setting Up Facebook Canvas Ads

While the cost of using this ad type is the same others on Facebook, the process to setting up Facebook Canvas Ads are much more complex. The main benefit is how customizable these ads are; unfortunately, this means that there is no definitive way to set them up. Each ad is incredibly unique and requires optimizing and paying particularly close attention to each of the component types during the set up process.

Using Canvas to Paint a Picture

Every business, no matter how big or small, has a story to tell. With Facebook Canvas Advertising you can really paint a real picture worth a thousand words. Over the last several years storytelling has shown to be very effective in generating business and strengthening brand recognition. Using Canvas Ads as a way to let consumers fully immerse themselves in your brand’s story is the perfect way to capture attention and promote your brand and products.

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