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Cross Platform Advertising: Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads

cross platform advertising

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Cross-platform advertising is an integral part of  B2B companies’ marketing strategy. This approach involves utilizing various online ad platforms, including Google Ads, X (Twitter) ads, or LinkedIn Ads, to broaden the customer base and create brand awareness while stimulating interest. Each platform offers unique features and benefits, making them valuable tools for advertising professionals to work with within a B2B marketing strategy. In this broad overview, we will focus on the significance of cross-platform advertising, then deep into Google Ads, X (Twitter) Ads, and LinkedIn Ads specifically for B2B audiences.

What is Cross-Platform Marketing for B2B?

B2B cross-platform marketing refers to the essential implementation of several online advertising tools to promote products or services. Cross-platform marketing is a digital strategy that businesses employ to reach their audience effectively and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Through a comprehensive, multi-touchpoint approach, you can expand your market, boost brand recognition, attract high-quality users to your website, generate more business, and maintain customer loyalty.

Successful Cross-Platform Marketing Tips

Successful cross-platform marketing relies on an essential paradigm that syncs information across multiple outlets. For cross-platform marketing to work, it’s important to set up proper marketing attribution, and for your sales development team to have nurture processes specified by ad channel. Not all leads are created equally! 

Make Customer Personas

Defining clear customer personas is essential for a successful cross-platform marketing strategy. By defining what kind of challenges, needs, interests, and behaviors your audience has, you can adapt any marketing strategy to meet their needs.

Pick the Right Channels

Not all platforms are suitable for every business. When selling products or services, it is essential to take into account the preferred communication channels as well as the needs and preferences of potential customers.

Construct Your User Journey Funnel

Take the customer journey across different channels. This ensures a coherent journey for prospects between awareness, consideration, and decision.

Advantages of Cross-Platform Advertising

Cross-platform advertising offers a few key benefits:

  • Increased Reach: Since not all potential customers are in one platform, and not one platform engages all potential customers across every step of the funnel, it becomes crucial to use multiple channels. 
  • Brand Awareness: A cross-platform advertising marketing strategy exposes your brand to more users.
  • Improved Targeting: Platform users vary significantly. Use the unique targeting parameters of each platform and reach the right users for your company.
  • Enhanced Engagement: On each platform, the user behavior changes, which means what might have not worked on Google could work on X or LinkedIn and boost engagement. 

What Are the Benefits of Google Ads?

Google Ads is a powerhouse tool, it provides businesses with a platform that allows them to reach their target audiences effectively. Here, we will delve into the diverse advantages for B2B businesses of using Google Ads as an advertising platform within their marketing strategy and how it allows organizations to boost their online presence and obtain better results.

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Target your Ads

Google Ads provides many targeting features, and businesses can serve ads to users based on keywords, ad placement site visit age, interests, language, desktop daily frequency time, and device type. The understanding of user behavior guarantees that ads will be viewed by the appropriate audience, increasing engagement.

Manage your Campaign

Google Ads allows managers to control costs and schedule ads through extensive management tools. This flexibility enables firms to increase their budget for advertisers to display the ads at optimal times.

Measure your Success

With Google Ads, businesses can measure the success of ad performance in terms of clicks and conversions. This information increases the accuracy of campaigns and increases success by focusing on what ad strategy works best.

What Are the Advantages of LinkedIn Ads in B2B

LinkedIn Ads offer great advantages for B2B marketing since is the most relevant platform in terms of targeting options for B2B, and a variety of ad formats for both Brand awareness and lead gen objectives:

Greater Credibility and Brand Awareness

Brand awareness goes hand in hand with credibility, which is built on LinkedIn more than on any other platform. If your brand is well established on LinkedIn, it shows industry authority and expertise. Brand credibility and awareness are enhanced through advertising on LinkedIn, translating into an edge in a crowded marketplace. 

Special Targeting and Different Retargeting Choices

LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities are exceptionally significant for B2B marketing, with options to target explicit job titles, functions, industries, company lists, and more. This precision is vital to reach your targeted audience as a B2B company.

More Astute Retargeting

As businesses navigate the digital landscape, the ability to re-engage with the right audience at the right moment becomes paramount. The retargeting strategies available on LinkedIn are sophisticated and by leveraging advanced analytics, behavior tracking, and demographic targeting, advertisers can now tailor their retargeting efforts with unparalleled precision. This not only enhances the user experience but also maximizes the impact of advertising campaigns. “More Astute Retargeting” signifies a strategic leap forward, allowing advertisers to connect with prospects in a more personalized and strategic manner, ultimately driving stronger engagement and conversion rates.

Tighter Sales and Marketing Arrangement

LinkedIn stands out as the premier platform for leveraging both sales and marketing in the B2B realm due to its unique combination of professional networking, content-rich environment, and targeting capabilities. 

  • First, LinkedIn is inherently business-focused, serving as a hub where professionals and decision-makers converge. This creates an environment conducive to B2B interactions, providing a direct line to key stakeholders. 
  • Second, the platform’s content-centric nature allows businesses to share thought leadership, industry insights, and product/service information, fostering engagement and trust. 
  • Third, LinkedIn’s robust targeting options enable precise audience segmentation based on job titles, industries, and company sizes, ensuring that marketing efforts reach the most relevant prospects. 

Moreover, the platform’s InMail and messaging features empower sales teams to engage in personalized conversations with potential clients. The synergy between sales and marketing is seamless on LinkedIn, where marketing initiatives lay the groundwork for sales activities, and vice versa, resulting in a holistic approach that maximizes B2B outreach, relationship-building, and ultimately, conversion.

What Are the Benefits of X Ads (previously Twitter Ads)?

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X Ads offer several benefits for B2B marketing, a few among them are listed below:

Networking with Influential People

X, in its efforts to help businesses connect with leaders and influencers, improves their networking capabilities, thus, generating increased brand recognition and the creation of customized plans to reach the objectives of each company. 

Keyword Targeting and Follower Lookalikes

X Ads has improved its targeting opportunities in recent months, by offering features such as keyword targeting and the ability to aim at users who follow particular profiles. This allows you to reach an audience more likely to be interested in your product or service. For getting even more specific B2B target audiences on X, Wadi partners with SocialDataBase. Reach out to Wadi for more information!

Supplements Your Online Marketing Strategy

X ads can enhance various aspects of your internet marketing strategy to increase brand visibility and engagement while keeping the cost low in comparison with other advertising platforms. 

Concluding Insights on Cross-Platform Advertising Advantages

The cross-platform ad platform we propose for a winning B2B marketing strategy is composed of Google Ads, X (Twitter) Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. By using each platform’s distinctive options and adjusting them based on your business objectives you can create a potent marketing strategy that works for your business. The hallmark of cross-channel marketing is focusing on the targeted audience, selecting appropriate channels, and developing exciting paths in all points of contact. Find out more about how to boost your marketing strategy on a free marketing strategy session with Wadi. Get Your Free Meeting Now!

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