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B2B Advertising: Synergy of LinkedIn Ads & Google AdWords

Using LinkedIn and Google Advertising for B2B Marketing If you are attempting to implement a B2B marketing campaign in the 21st centuryst century, it is
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Using LinkedIn and Google Advertising for B2B Marketing

If you are attempting to implement a B2B marketing campaign in the 21st centuryst century, it is difficult to succeed without social media. To do this with today’s tools available, this means focusing primarily on LinkedIn advertising. While advertising on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have their place, LinkedIn is the powerhouse of lead generation in B2B. Jellyfish’s Alicia Dodd says that “93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn as the most effective social media platform.”

What makes LinkedIn such an amazing tool for B2B advertisers is that it can connect you to thousands in your market instantly. It is the ultimate targeting tool to find those looking to build relationships and sell services to those needing just what you have to offer.

LinkedIn – The Ultimate Rolodex

If you take business seriously, you are on LinkedIn. You may hate everything about LinkedIn, but it is a necessary evil for business and anyone wanting to successful is on it. With 414 million global users, it is no wonder that 77% of B2B marketers have claimed to have acquired customers through that channel—chances are, you may have even found WadiDigital through LinkedIn.

What makes LinkedIn different than all the other social networks is that you know exactly what everyone does for a living. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you aren’t targeting random people based on location or hobbies. With LinkedIn, you are actually reaching out to people that you know can use your services or products. Another awesome bonus to LinkedIn is that as it is considered a business tool, it is often allowed at work, during office hours, so where you might not always be able to reach people through some venues of social media, they can be reached through LinkedIn.

 LinkedIn Advertising for B2B

 Have you ever wanted to advertise to the specific owner or managers of a business or a franchise? Now, with LinkedIn B2B marketing, you can do this. With their advertising capabilities, you can be extremely specific, zeroing in on specific industries, companies, job titles, ages, genders, schools attended, skill-sets, and locations. Gone are the days of just advertising by casting a net—LinkedIn had truly allowed for a new level of specificity when it comes to B2B marketing.

Not only are there different ways to reach your ideal client, but there are also different ad types. LinkedIn has Sponsored Content, InMail, Display Ads, and Lead Accelerator Ads. And of course there are text ads—these ads will be seen on LinkedIn and on the LinkedIn Audience Network Partner Sites (many of the major professional business sites such as The New York Times and Business Week). Every way you slice it, the ads you create are just as niche as the targeting experience.

 Getting Clicks that Turn into Conversions

 It isn’t enough for your ads to just be seen or even get clicked. You need your clicks to count—and with LinkedIn ads, they do. While the Cost Per Click (CPC) price ranges can easily reach $15 a click, having a higher CPC than almost all other online advertising platforms, their clicks have shown to be the best at generating business leads. Simply put, their clicks are better quality and leads are cheaper than other online advertising platforms.

With laser-focused ads, you aren’t wasting your ad impressions and clicks on someone not in your industry. Running ads on LinkedIn means that you are building brand awareness, gaining exposure, and conversions where it counts.

 Remarketing with Google Advertising

When it comes to building the perfect advertising sundae that is B2B marketing, advertising with Google Display Network and Google Adwords is the cherry on top. Using a combination of Google remarketing with LinkedIn is a great way to keep your overall CPC low. Google’s Display Network and Search Network, which places ads on search engine results pages and visual banners on ad-supported websites, allows for user engagement and brand awareness.

Using Google’s network to remarket is an effective way to tap into a market of past site leads and keep them coming back to your site, allowing you to close the deal, for pennies per click!

Here’s the simple steps to setting up your Google Remarketing Campaign:

  • Sync your data with Google Merchant Center
  • Set up Google Analytics to determine which types of users and content best converts
  • Install universal remarketing tags so that you can later target visitors with remarketing ads
  • Configure your Google Adwords Display Network campaign for best remarketing results
  • Customize ads based on whether you want brand awareness or conversions
  • Test, test, and re-test ads and optimize them so you get the best return on your investment

B2B Synergy of LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads

 Taking into account all of the best ways that a business owner can market in a B2B world, combining LinkedIn and Google ads is a clear winner. When you put synergize LinkedIn’s abilities to pinpoint B2B target advertising and Google’s low-cost remarketing, you will find it is the best strategy for B2B companies to advertise and get high quality leads.

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