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Google Analytics And Google Search Console: Every Site Must Have Tools

By using Google Analytics together with Google Search Console, your site will have improved engagement and more click-throughs overall. Knowing how to use these two
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By using Google Analytics together with Google Search Console, your site will have improved engagement and more click-throughs overall. Knowing how to use these two tools for your website is an invaluable skill that will benefit your business. But what exactly are they and how do you use them?

What is Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics, you can turn your insights into action. You will have access to marketing analytic tools that will help you understand your clients better. Having a better understanding of your customers can lead to better sales and overall customer relationship.

What it really does is it improves the experience of your customers when they visit your site. It allows you to analyze your website’s information so you will know how your customers are responding to how you are presenting your products on your website.

The great thing is that it is built with integrated tools so that you can easily share these insights to key people in your company. Business owners who have tried using Google Analytics said that they were able to understand the behaviors of their new buyers almost immediately.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is also a great tool to improve your website’s overall performance. It’s best when used with Google Analytics because it lets you monitor your site’s online presence and how your site and its contents appear in Google’s search results.

When used together, you will have reliable data that you can use to increase your website’s search result ranking and make it more visible to more people, hence more potential customers and sales. This is why it’s called the “search” console. More people will be able to FIND you.

What data can we take from those tools?

Both tools provide you with powerful data that will allow you to adjust your online strategy for your business.

Google Analytics provides you with data that shows you how your customers interact with your site and content, and whether they find the experience of going to your website satisfying or not. Google Search Console gives you the numbers of how your website ranks in search results and how you can improve that.

The importance of adding Analytics data to monthly report along with SERP ranking:

Monthly reports play an important role in measuring your website and your website contents’ success. Having additional Google Analytics data to that report will allow you to better measure your SEO or Search Engine Optimization success.

It’s not enough to rely solely on keyword rankings to understand how your website is doing in terms of SERP or Search Engine Results Page. If you only measure your keywords’ success, you will not see the full picture of how your content affects the increase or decrease in your revenues.

With Google Analytics, you can see your website’s organic search traffic so that you can dig deeper and determine several factors affecting the rise and decline of your overall traffic.

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