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Want Phone Calls? Then You Need Call-Only Mobile Campaigns

Google Call Only Adwords Campaigns Although Google has been involved in advertising and call extensions for several years, it was just recently that Google rolled
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Google Call Only Adwords Campaigns

Although Google has been involved in advertising and call extensions for several years, it was just recently that Google rolled out their innovative Call-Only Adwords Campaign. With this new feature, industries and businesses that rely on calls to close on prospects or customers will find this new mobile-only advertising campaign extremely useful to driving prospects to actually call their business directly instead of filling out lead forms or visiting their website. In fact, you do not even need a website if you only run Call-Only Campaigns.

Whether you rely on calls or not for your business model, as the world’s population becomes increasingly mobile dependent, with it, all businesses must adjust. That being said, with this adjustment, part of what makes the implementation of Google Call-Only Adwords Campaign ads so great is that you truly can custom-tailor them to your specific needs.

How the prospect interacts with your Call-Only Campaign:

  1. The prospect searches for your keyword on their smart phone.
  2. They see your ad, with a call-to-action to call, and the phone logo so they know that when they click the ad, they will be prompted to call you.
  3. Once they click the ad, your phone number will populate their phone dial.
  4. They need to press dial to officially call your business.

That’s it, only 2 clicks and it’s a call, one on the ad to populate the phone number, then one on their phone to connect the call.

Beneficial Features of Google Call-Only Adwords Campaigns

  • Leak-proof Sales Funnel – Very rarely with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads does a business have the opportunity to capture 100% of all leads. The main benefit of Google Adwords Call-Only Campaigns is that there is no leak when it comes to the sales funnel. As a consumer clicks the ad on their phone and directly speaks to you, there is no chance of them falling between the cracks or just not responding back to your follow-up. You capture the lead on their terms when they are most ready to speak to you.
  • Run Ads When You Are There – With Google Call-Only Campaigns, you can control the times at which your ads run. This way you are not having to pay for clicks when someone is not there to pick up the phones.
  • Tracking ROI is Simple –Often with advertising it is hard to judge your ROI; however, with a Call-Only Campaign optimization option called Google Call Forwarding, Google will put a separate number in your ad allowing you to better see how many calls you are getting and how much each connected call is costing you. Another great optimization that helps you determine your ROI is the ability to set how long you have to be on the phone with a client before it counts as a conversion.
  • Less Competition – There is significantly less competition in Google Call-Only Adwords than all the many other forms of Google AdWords advertising.

The Cost of Using Google Call-Only Adwords Campaigns

  • CPC Are Expensive – When it comes to each click, the costs are higher. As these are qualified leads and you are talking directly to clients and customers, it is seen as a wise investment and worth the extra per click.
  • A Click Does Not Equal a Connected Call– If someone clicks on your ad, then they decide to hang up or when they click on the ad, they never go thru with calling, it ends up counting as a click and not end up being a connected call.

Between the ease of use for users—the green phone symbol that says “call”—and the ability to speak to leads directly on their time, Google AdWords’ Call-Only is a must for any company or organization that wants to receive phone calls.

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