Social Media Engagement for B2B

Some of the challenges of B2B social media lie in prioritizing organic engagement and building meaningful connections.

Wadi Digital’s Social Media team understands the unique needs for B2B tech companies and how to help them make their brands more visible and authoritative while focusing on increasing organic engagement.

Whether it is LinkedIn (our personal favorite), Twitter, Quora or Facebook, our team excels in guiding you to improve brand authority and increase marketing qualified leads in your target market.

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Our Social Media Process

When working with Wadi Digital, we value working with the person behind the business.

We have a deep appreciation of the nuances of all social media channels. Once we have a similar understanding of your business and its goals, we’ll know exactly how to best leverage this ecosystem to help you attain those objectives. Here’s a little what you can expect when you work with us:

  • Social media audit of existing methodologies
  • Social Media strategy proposal based on client needs and goals
  • Clear KPIs for transparent tracking of success for increasing organic engagement and branding

Social Media’s Unique Advantage In the Buyer’s Journey

Social media engagement is part and parcel of a larger Inbound methodology that:

  • Introduces your brand to potential clients (aka brand awareness)
  • Provides value to your niche audience through various types of content – video, industry reports, webinars, case studies, checklists, testimonials, etc.
  • Furnishes a platform for your company and its team to establish themselves as thought leaders and build authority and trust
  • Nurtures a relationship with your target audience that strengthens qualified leads

Especially in B2B, with expensive products/services and long sales cycles social media provides a valuable opportunity to introduce your brand, establish your brand’s voice and authority within its market, and opportunities to continually nurture interactions and touch points that are crucial in moving a prospect along the sales cycle.

LinkedIn is a powerhouse for B2B and we specialize in utilizing this platform for optimum results both with organic growth and lead generation. (You can learn more about our LinkedIn Process here)

Wadi Digital’s years of experience in working with B2B tech clients gives us familiarity with the scene and insights into the unique B2B tech world.

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