I first discovered WadiDigital through their perfectly targeted LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad. Shortly after filling out the LinkedIn Ad form (a format I hadn’t seen implemented as smoothly before or since), Yoel and I spent over an hour going through opportunities he saw within my accounts, and generally talking shop. His strategies were completely distinct from my own, and so his insights were unique–a perfect pattern interrupt for the optimization rut I’d gotten into!

Yoel Israel and WadiDigital truly understand digital advertising. Yoel continues to help me improve my clients’ Google AdWords accounts by providing in-depth, thorough reviews, which are centered on actionable steps I can immediately implement. These are mature, complex accounts, several with seven-figure annual budgets–so each recommendation that is incremental to my existing efforts makes a significant impact.

Yoel provides deep analytical dives of campaigns, and their underlying data. He’s able to identify opportunities across every slice of the account–time of day, day of week, devices, gender, age, and other more subtle segments (or combinations thereof).

As a Google AdWords Premier Partner, I find Yoel to be an invaluable asset to my organization. We’re quite good at what we do, and yet we’re even better for Yoel’s contributions. If you’d like to discuss my experience working with Yoel and WadiDigital, please feel free to contact me at roy@statbid.com.


Roy Steves
Founder & CEO
Premier Google Partner

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